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  • Adventure Park Mont-Dore Aventures French Version   Adventure Park Mont-Dore Aventures English Version
  • Mont-Dore Aventures, Attraction Park Auvergne, Welcome

  • River Canyoning, adventures en Auvergne

  • Ski in Mont-Dore, outside activities Auvergne

  • Mont-Dore Adentures, Attraction park in Auvergne

Canyoning, Parcours en rivières
Canyoning, Parcours en rivières
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SKI au Mont Dore, parc loisirs
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The site of the Capuchin Salon is located 3 Kms to the output of Mont-Dore on the road to La Tour d'Auvergne. Access is possible with a vehicle (car park with 100 places about: cars and vans) or the Funicular Capuchin 800m trip, and 200m of ascent, or walk the path of Miles drops (about 30 minutes) . Presence of a bar / restaurant on site Capuchin.

Several courses are offered on the following criteria:
• 1 course exclusively for CHILD - 6 years from 3 years and monitored on the ground by a parent
• 3 course "GREEN" available from 6 years of age (including a junior golf TYROLEAN)
• 2 courses "BLUE", here the difficulty and height increase (including 1 150 m long zip)
• 1 round of seven successive TYROLEAN medium difficulty "BLUE" fun
• 1 round "* RED" height, printing and accentuate the technique requires
• 1 round "BLACK *" is the appointment of the athletes, endurance and agility (* 2013 course being edited)

NB minimum size 1m25 for: BLUE 1 1m35 for: BLUE 2 TYROLEAN course, RED, BLACK, and have a minimum of 15 YEARS for SUPER BLACK.
The courses are located in a forest of more than a hundred years with its trees use only. The major tree species is spruce, with a complement of beech and spruce, a trail in the forest and its operation in the Massif Central is in place.

The concept is simple and uses security techniques of climbing, Via Ferrata, and caving. Moving users is one tree to another through various games (about 150) bridges, cable, wood, rope, nets or jumps from one platform to another and zip lines of different lengths (fifteen 30 to 150 m long). Security is guaranteed by a permanent cling to the lifeline (inserted around trees cable).

Routes (in independent practice) are accessible to children and adults (from age 3 years without maximum limit) and about 3 hours of activity. 150 games are in place and each will evolve in a privileged green to refuel good air Sancy and test his taste for adventure in height ...
A route test is mandatory: after completing the CUMEDS (Instructions for Use of Material and Explanations Start of Session), you follow a trail test. It allows the control of the ability of all practitioners and is validated after the success of it by an operator. During the activity operators ensure compliance with safety regulations.

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